Spacious cabins offer cozy settings for 6 guests.  Two of the cabins have been built to accommodate the handicapped.
The cabins cost 100 euros/day (650 €/week). Linen (=bedclothes) cost 20 euros/person.




Cabins consist of a spacious den with fireplace, bedroom and private sauna, shower, and toilet.  Amenities include a refrigerator, stove, micro owen, coffee machine, dishes and television.

Smaller cabins exist for fewer and less demanding guests (4 persons, lights, heating, refrigerator) and those with a tighter budget. The costs of these smaller cabins (grenaries) called ”Aitta”: (June-September 35 €/day, 230 €/week.  These cabins are perfect for fisherman and nature enthusiasts who do not plan on spending much time indoors.

Usage of shower and WC facilities, along with camper kitchens is included in the price of the smaller cabins.


For those who enjoy spending the night in a tent, we offer a beautiful setting with bathrooms and camper kitchens in use.  Our restaurant is in close vicinity to the tent site in case you want to enjoy food and beverages with no fuss.

Tent plot costs 12 euros/day + 4 €/ person including the abovementioned amenities. With camping card 10 € + 4€ /person

50Bigger groups can also spend a night in tee-pee! Benches can easily take 7-8 persons to sleep.
Our camper and RV lot contains 30 spots with electrical outlets and 20 without.  Caravan site with electricity cost 15 euros/day + 4 €/person. With the Caravan membership card 12 €+ 4€ /person.  Camper kitchens and bathrooms are also in the guests’ use. Waste and sewage disposal and water are included in the accommodation.  Sites in use 15.5.-30.9. depending on the temperature. Often in use from the beginning of May.